Yoru - the Bidding of Balance (Sign Combo System) [Hardest Champion Concept]

**Yoru - the Bidding of Balance** I think League of Legends could use of a Samurai(or tai chi sword fighter but i rather have a katana guy that is hard to play) which uses his Spiritual Training and Guidance of the Balance, that he believes that connects all things in the world, through his katana(also training of the same) and skills to profit in the battlefield. Yoru means night in japanese which(for this champion) symbolises his personality being calm as the night is. **Selection Quote** _The beauty of life isn't at making a living, yet it is at creating a path towards a good death._ ---------------------------------------------------- **LORE & ROLE** I WILL DO A FULL LORE ONE DAY BUT IF YOU WANT TO HELP ME WITH THAT, I WOULD LOVE IT AND APPRECIATE IT! TL;DR: He has come out of his temple that he has been meditating for the past decade, which helps him focus, not age, gain strength and spiritual guidance, to set balance in things that need to(mystery box, etc). He does what the balance tells him to do. https://scontent-mad1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xap1/v/t1.0-9/1469921_957210464326852_3897178510723738582_n.jpg?oh=6e17e398c652cf62aafb93b4b15ecece&oe=570B96F6 (found this image in OpTicHolzFicker "leak" video, dunno where it is originally from) Also, this image is representative of what he CAN become, not final. But it's the concept that I love, floating japanese/chinese cultural-based warrior with powers and a lot of shiny armor, white and long hair. Primarily a **Bruiser/Fighter/Juggernaut** and secondarily he is a caster or, if that doesn't officually exists, a mage. --------------------------------------------------- Will do **stats** tomorrow --------------------------------- **NOTE:**Abilities have a lot to read, since its a complex champion to play. I try to make it understandable, and if you read it I will be really satisfied :) **ABILITIES** >**Passive: Signs of Balance** - Yoru casts Signs with his left hand and can cast his Signs while walking. The Signs are Yoru's magic, when combined they grant him abilities to cast. For example if he combines QQ, his Q, W and E become the ability that the QQ Sign Combination provides, same goes for WW, QWE, and so on(Like Sion's passive when he dies, every skill becomes one skill). This will provide the Sign effect which, for example, if you finish a combination(QQ) and then cast it with Q, you get the Aggressive effect right away, the same goes for Soft and Divergent. ------------------------------ The Signs themselves are called Aggressive(Q), Soft(W) and Divergent(E). Each effect from a Sign has 10/8/6 seconds of cooldown(at levels 1/6/11). The Combinations(his abilities) have no cooldowns between them but if you do an Aggressive combination(start with Q) you can't cast an Aggressive combination right away, you have to cast another type of combination, either Soft(W) or Divergent(E). The Signs themselves cost 10/15/20 mana each and all the abilities(combinations) cost 40/50/60 Mana each(at levels 1/6/11). For example, when perfoming a QWE at level 11 you spend 20 mana for each and then 60 to cast the combination(total of 120 mana). ---------------------------- Also, after making a Sign, Yoru has 2 seconds to complete a combination, if he doesn't finish a combination between this time you will have to repeat the combination and he wastes mana from the Signs he had already done. The effects from casting the abilities with each Sign are: **Aggressive** - Gives him 100/125/150/175/200% Movement Speed for 0.5 seconds. **Soft** - If an enemy hits him after activating this Sign's Effect, Yoru recovers 50/75/100/125/150 + (35% of total AP) Health points over 3 seconds. **Divergent** - Creates a trap on the ground that knocks up enemies that step on it. Now onto the combinations: >**Aggressive Combinations** **QQ: Rift Slash** - Yoru's next auto attack is so fast that opens a rift in space time continuum(in a small area) that implodes right after, dealing 20/60/100/140/180 + (120% of Bonus AD) as physical damage. **QWE: Magic Arrows** - Yoru creates a magical bow so he can shoot magical arrows, up to 3, with the same Sign(if you choose to cast with Q, you cast the rest of the arrows with Q). Magic Arrows deal 60% of his total AD and you can cast them every 0.66/0.52/0.38/0.24/0.1 seconds and pass through enemies. If you can hit 3 arrows on the same champion(s) it implodes dealing the damage of another arrow. Yoru can cast the arrows while walking. **QEW: Magic Bombs** - Yoru creates and sends 2/2/3/3/4 to the backline which only explodes if any enemy passes over the bombs or if the bombs directly hit an enemy, dealing 10/30/50/70/90 + (50% of total AD) as phyisical damage and slows the enemies by 20/25/30/35/40% for 1 second. Range is 700 and the bombs deal 50% of the damage in the AoE area and only apply 50% of the slow in the AoE area but the duration is the same. ------------------------------------------ **Soft Combinations** **WW: Static Bola Strikes** - Yoru sends a maximum of 2 Static Bola Strikes to pull the enemies(monster, minions and champions) together or against a wall(the wall needs 1 SBS so it can pull the enemy champion with the 2nd SBS) with a magnetic property, which makes both stunned for 0.4/0.5/0.6/0.7/0.8 seconds. **WQE: Spirit Ride** - Yoru puts his hands together to send his spirit and go on a Spirit Ride if it touches any champion, friend or foe; he gets inside that champion for 1 second and *works like Tahm Kench while inside someone*. If it doesn't hit anyone, Yoru gets stunned for 1 second. (be careful using this one, even if you hit an enemy at the wrong time or accidentaly you can screw yourself) **WEQ: Energy Field** Yoru stops and creates an energy field right around him that shields any champion that passes through it for 40/80/120/160/200 + (35% of Total AP) for 3 seconds. Yoru doesn't shield himself and cant move nor attack or it will break the energy field. ------------------------------------------ **Divergent Combinations** **EE: Duo Dash**: Yoru dashes and if he hits an enemy he creates an illusion of himself that attacks the enemy once dealing 80/90/100/110/120% of his total AD as physical damage. If he doesn't hit an enemy, Yoru gets slowed for 50% for 1 second. **EWQ: Ilusion Walking ** - He sends an Ilusion Walking forward of himself that walks in a direction that you aim with the cursor. Yoru has to remain still for the illusion to last its full duration, 2 seconds. While he is still he remains invisible, if he moves, forced or not forced, or attacks he breaks his invisibility and his illusion. **EQW: Decoy Bink** - Yoru blinks a short distance, leaving a decoy/illusion of himself at where he blinked from that, if any one gets near it(decoy), gets its movement speed stolen by 10/15/20/25/30% for 3 seconds. ------------------------------------------- **Ultimate: Breaking the Balance** After pressing R Yoru speaks with and from the balance to everyone on the map(global sound warning) and stands still for 3 seconds. In those 3 seconds you have to cast one of the three Ultimate combination and then press R to cast the combination. IF you fail to cast a combinatoin within 3 seconds, the ultimate goes on a 30 second cooldown. Ultimate Combinations: **RQR: Rift Arrow** - Yoru send an arrow to a target location that opens a rift(same size as QQ) that deals explodes to the skies (in that small area) dealing 200/400/600 + 200% of his Bonus AD as physical damage. **RWR: Help Us, Hurt Them** Yoru transforms himself into a big Energy Field, and becoming invunerable for the duration, that shields only allies for 50% more than usual and slows enemies in it. If Yoru moves or attacks the field breaks. **RER: Illusion Storm** Yoru performs a really big dash really fast that drags the wind with him and deals 100/150/200 physical damage and if he hits enemy champions it creates an illusion of himself that autoattacks everyone for the same damage as the Duo Dash. If he doesn't hit any champion he is stunned for 3 seconds. Dash is 1100 units and its hitbox is 4 Teemos wide. Yoru needs 500/700/900 Mana to use one of the ultimate combinations and it has 110/100/90 Cooldown. ------------------------------- >**ITEMISATION&GAMEPLAY** Essential - {{item:3111}} or Armor Penetration Boots(if there were any) {{item:3004}} {{item:3078}} Damage - {{item:3071}} and Maybe the New Assassin Item coming in January 2016 Defense - {{item:3053}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3065}} --------------------------------- **Gameplay** Example Engage: QEW, EE, QQ, AA, EE, QQ. If you didn't understand something, even if it's a small thing, be sure to ask, I will answer. **Example of Quotes:** **Selection Quote** _The beauty of life isn't at making a living, yet it is at creating a path towards a good death._ **Moving** Where there is power there must always be softness. You must be passive while moving into activeness. It's all a component of balance and strategy. **Attacking** It's time to cease your life. Nigh(near/soon), is the end of your path. In a fight, one gets out alive, the other doesn't. If I live through this, I might not next time I duel. Avoiding to battle is a good thing, sometimes it's not. **Taunt towards Taric** You are indeed a fabulous one. You are like an uncut gem, vigorous and beautiful. **After Activating "Breaking the Balance"** Even I can't always respect Balance. Imbalance will balance you. Judgement falls upon you. **Edit1**: Reworked all of his Kit to a more hard to play and more logically organised sign kit. **Edit2**: tried to make passive a little more understandable/easier to read and R no longer disables your skills and added its cooldown and a HIGH mana burn.
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