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Jhin skin idea
skin idea i had for jhin i thought it's worth to spend time on followe me on facebook for daily posts and sketches : www.facebook.com/iBralui/ Jhin skin idea
Hello. This skin at summer illustrated by “iBralui” on the site deviantart. **First of all, I make a point of saying that the name of the skin to summer replaced by “captain Jhin”.** Capt' Ain Jhin is very a good idea of skin, because its character illustrates well the beginning and the perfection. By reading your comments, I decided to make it more insane, sadist (I will make this edict at the same time as this one) and I am say that this skin deserved its own history. **** As regards the machine on its shoulder which gives him balls, it is removed. Koni is enough large to give balls to its Master! -Ty SatomiKun **** History - In a world of war and justice, no one cannot know what is good. To kill, save. To give up, help. Treason, love. A being sadistic, sick, gives, carrying a white mask, fights against its own heart. It can nothing any more differentiate, and this even less madness. However, in another reality: “- Everyone on the ground! Let us explore this island! A man named exclaimed Jhin going on the beaupré* of his ship. - Capt' Ain! Ink is thrown! Shout one. - Well! Answered the graded top. - Let us leave to the adventure! Panic another. - Calm, one would say a person not civilized! Thus go! I will sharpen my blades! Order the captain. - Yes my capt' Ain! “ Whereas many men ran towards the jungle which took almost all this island not indexed, Jhon, doctor of the boat, begin a discussion with Jhin. “- My captain. Why can't I leave to the adventure, too? - Let us see, Jhon. You are only the doctor, you do not know how to make use of this would be only one dagger! - With the opposite, my captain. I devoted to it all my free time of my life. But my father obliges me to become a doctor. - Well, then you will leave with me! Moreover, we leave immediately! I finished!” After a short exclamation of joy of Jhon, both left towards the large trees the island. A step, two steps, hundred step. The sun was so heavy, the hunger and thirst was already felt. The two companions ate two fishes, one each one, which they had introduced into their bags before leaving. Walk could begin again. Jhin, its two blades with the hand, in a hurry to kill any animal which it would find on this island. Jhon, a sabre on its line, a rifle on its left. Its hands were so glad to finally carry this equipment which they were already moitent. At the end of more than 3 hours of walk, the two explorers found that strange not to see the least sign of the crew left in first. They hesitated to turn around, but the end of the island was close. The trees before so large and majestic became increasingly small. A sheet falling per Ci, another by there. The captain felt that there was another thing on this island that the human ones. After twenty minute walks, they coped with an enormous fern. Jhin hastened to cut it into pieces. It raised the head, and lives a paradisiac place among the jungle. A circular place, surrounded by splendid trees. All perfect if the team of the captain were not on the ground, would be bloodied. Descendant of a tree, nice a small creature coped with Jhin and its companion. “Pet banna! rhéhé hé! ”, she said very satisfies. “Which are you?” Asked Jhon. The small creature, armed with its small boomerang, placed a skull of an unknown creature on its head, and launched its boomerang in the name of a death of the crew. Very of an innocent air. “- I think that does not mean anything good! Jhon panicked. - Release, it is only one small animal. It could not kill all my crew with him all alone! - Gnar, kada! Known as the “small animal” - Looks at, it cannot even correctly express itself! Jhin continued to reassure its doctor. “ The creature looked at the captain with tenderizing eyes. It tightened strong its boomerang, then of an abrupt gesture launched it on Jhin which it para with his sword. Knowing that it returned, it was turned over and deviated still its direction. Jhon shouted “Attention!” and it was only when the captain was turned over that the creature reached its face. “Shooting above!” The capt' Ain shouted. “Car above!”. The shooting had not missed its target. However, why was there to smoke so much with the impact? It is when this one was dissipated that the explorers transfer that what seemed to be a yordle had disappeared. Nobody in the “paradisiac” circle. Was the way free? Suddenly, a noise challenged the doctor. He warned Jhin. They are reflected to listen. An increasingly serious voice said “Gnar, Gnar, Gnar, Gnar” Then, whereas the yordle jumped of a branch, it was transformed into enormous monster in sumptuous words “GNAAAAAAAAAAR”. It gave an one-shot the ground, took a tree, threw it on the captain. It took a rock, balanced it on the doctor. Fortunately, none of both struck Jhin or Jhon. To run, it is all that they could do against this famished monster. Moreover, at the end of a few meters, they did not hear any more the steps of this “Gnar”. They thus decided to be turned over. It was not there any more. However, the foliages of the large trees are reflected to move. Not being brave more, the two combatants ran away with great pace. Arrived at the boat, they for the last time observed the trees of this island. In a small monkey left, precipitating on the capt' Ain. This one ordered to its doctor to shoot at the animal. “It moves too much!” he exclaimed. Indeed, the monkey mumbled while trotting itself on the body of Jhin. “- Don't they thus have chips or lice, these human? - Do you speak? The captain questioned. - Not, I monkeyo! Imbecile! The monkey answered - Not but about which right you speak to him on this tone? Jhon was irritated. I speak as I want, with whom I want! Contradict the monkey.” With the great surprise of Jhin, this monkey quickly became accessory, and they took again the sea with a new comrade. Arrived the country or to the captain was born, Jhon learned with its capt' Ain the combat by the firearm. It is often said that the pupil exceeds the Master. It is besides what occurred. Indeed, the captain was so good that it exceeded now Jhon. He went to Bilgewater with his Koni companion. It there stole several weapons, and created even its own rifle, most effective of all. It took taste with the figure four, because Koni always wanted four fruits, four weapons, four clothing of replacement! Unfortunately, even in another reality, a being always becomes again what it is supposed being. Jhin took taste with the suffering. It took taste to be killed, it took taste not to more be what it was . “To kill is an art, my friend!” Always Koni said. Jhon defied it. This one had become his/her more faithful companion. The glance of the perturbing captain, great smile with the lips. As for the ex-doctor, the trembling hand, the timorous glance. But it was not discouraged. Offered a hard duel, firearm, all two. Jhon was very draw sheet in the shade, and it surprised several times the Master of Koni. Of an abrupt gesture, that which learned art from the weapon to its captain made a slice on the cheek of its adversary using a sabre that it had caught a few seconds before. Jhin looked it of a furious air, holds up its rifle and drew on Jhon. This one dodged, and drew on the foot from what was its pupil before. “I do not want you to kill, Jhin!” This one exclaimed. He did not listen to it, and drew in full heart from his adversary. It replaced its foot by wood, and will support now its body using a duck. This one was not really one, because it was its rifle having the greatest range, its most powerful rifle. Not wanting to show its scar, it put a mask on its face, which will remain on its figure until its death. Whereas it left to the conquest a new place, it realized that its ship was seriously damaged. It did not do anything, knowing that any effort was not used for step large-thing. It let its ship run, and jumped over edge. It looked in water, a sumptuous light plugged it. It decided to swim until its source. A luminous oval in the sea illuminated water. It put its right-handed hand inside, and was found in a new world where its characteristic was not even to him captain. Quickly, it is pointed out, and, by its thirst for blood, was made imprison in the fault of the invoker, so that its murders are defied only with heroes of the war, magic or ground. * Bowsprit: small chechmate in front of the boat being used to haul the jibs. **** A/Q Jhin launches its monkey “Koni”, which will make some technical prowesses of combat on four enemies. First blow, kick, then it rebounds on its next blow: scratch. It connects with a blow of tail and finishes with a bite on the last victim. **** Z/W A gun appears close to Jhin in the direction of the place where this one aims with its rifle. He says “Draw!” and koni activates the gun which draws a ball. The stun: When an enemy is stun, it is surrounded in a cage as the prisons in the time which was in the boats. **** E Jhin releases a bomb on the ground. This one engages when an enemy passes above. The explosion make as in animated, it is orange red with a little gray. **** R Jhin leaves its large rifle. Its the first three shootings are normal, but for the fourth, its monkey goes in rifle and is propelled at a high speed. It is put in ball and becomes a ball of gun. When it touches an enemy, it becomes again an animal and flees in the manner of skaarl. **** Attacks of bases: Its shootings are accompanied by a red trail. Fourth blow: Thus with the impact, the fourth blow lets appear ammunition which leave in all the directions after having touched its target. **** All 3 times where Jhin with need for ammunition, Koni known as 1- Ammunition! 2 - Holds! Explode them with! 3- four, as usual! 4- Holds, your balls! 5-to kill is an art, my friend! 6 - does not let them live! 7- Ahead! 8- Perhaps that you will have Gnar with! 9- Four balls! 10- Ammunition of death! **** **** Losque Jhin meets Gnar: 1 - (Koni goes up in the name of its Master and is drawn up) Koni: Gnar? It is you? You know, I never loved you, actually! 2 - Jhin: You transformed me into monster. I will reduce to you in dust. 3 - Koni: Poor small animal, it soon will die! But in there reflective, it is rather funny! 4 - Jhin: I will pulverize this yordle! Koni: And me this Yeti! **** When Jhin kills Gnar: 1 - Jhin: You deserved it! 2 - Koni: Hop! A monkey in less! 3- Jhin: To kill is an art, like says it Koni! **** Words: When Jhin goes normally: 1 - Koni: Go, I want to fight! 2 - Jhin: Do you want that I tell you? Koni: Not! Jhin: I taurais well left in a cage! 3 - Jhin: Their blood will run on their… Koni: Oh, firm, and low one! Jhin: Blasted monkey… 4 - I like to see their blood running. 5 - the last time that I have to walk as much, I saw several deaths. When Jhin launches its A/Q: 1 - Koni: YOUHOU! 2 - Jhin: Burst them! 3 - Koni: This blow if, I them tuuuuuuues!! When Jhin launches its Z/W: 1 - Koni: Admiral? Jhin: Draw! 2 - Koni: Ball of CANOOOOOOON! Jhin: Draw! 3 - Koni: I have the match! Jhin: Draw! When Jhin uses its E: 1- Koni: That which goes above, IEA have! 2 - Jhin: Does not light it! Koni; Of agreement… 3 - Jhin: Chtouk! Koni: BADABOUUUUUUUM When Jhin uses its Ultimate: 1 - Jhin: (According to its shootings) One, two, three, NOT KONI! 2 - Koni: (with the first shooting of Jhin) Too cool how you draw! (arrives the moment of the last shooting) I there VAIIIIIS! Jhin: I would have to take Gnar… 3 - Jhin: (According to its shootings) Piou, paf, side, not, not, KONIIIII Koni: YOUHOUUUUUU! When it stun: 1 - Koni: Oh! My cage! 2 - Jhin: I could put Koni well inside… Koni: Hey oh, I hear you! **** Of course, jhin moreover keeps in particular its normal words. (except for the techniques) **** Alt+1 - - Jhin holds up its weapon and Koni climbs above and shouts: One all will kill you, kill, kill and Re-kill! - Jhin takes its wise in the manner of king lion, head vis-a-vis him and tells him: Do you want to remove their lice? Remove the their head! Alt+2 - - Jhin: Koni, imitates the malicious monster! Koni: Gnar, gnar, gnar, GNAAAAAAAAR! Jhin: It's a pity that you do not change… - Koni is put on the ground and raised Jhin door by raising its feet. Jhin: To feel more deep east the beginning of Article the perfection is when a ball crosses their heart. Alt+3 - does not change Alt +4 - Koni laughs with, if not that does not change. Died: Jhin falls to knees, withdraws its mask, letting appear its scar, then to fall on the back. Koni is posed beside its face, and rubs with him, the sad air. Respawn: 1- Koni: Jhin! You did not drop me! 2 - Jhin: They will regret me having unfortunate! 3 - Koni: Jhin? Is it well you? Jhin: Let us fight! I will explode their heart. Back: Jhin draws four times in the air at the same time as its monkey pushes a howl. Koni shouts: doesn't that go? You have frighten me! Jhin finished by making the position of the cross, head dropped, Koni on its hat, rifle with the hand. When Jhin meets another Jhin (must not have same the skin): Unfavourable: 1 - Jhin: Is it with that I resemble in this reality? Surprising. 2 - Koni: There should not be two here Jhin, the miens will be only! Combined: (even if it is a little odd) ( one for all ) 1 - Jhin: Much Jhin, equalizes many deaths! 2 - Koni: One will make full with piew piew piew piew ! **** Koni is all the time on the shoulders or in the name of Jhin. When it leaves in the A/Q and the R, it returns very quickly on its owner in the manner of Skaarl. **** Here, it is very for me! Do not hesitate to put a comment! :) **** Original : http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/fr/c/creations-de-la-communaute-fr/9gFAOkEh-suggestion-de-skin-captain-jhin ( by me )
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