Lunar Revel 2019 Pass Packet is worse than Snowday Packet

I calculated if we buy lunar revel 2019 pass we can get *90 token in one day (If you lose in urf it gives 2 if you wins 4; 2+4=6/2=3 And i banged with 3 if u play it 3 games in 1 hour it gives 9 token in hour.If you play 10 hours in one day you can get 90 but it seems not worth because in the winter event if you play Nexus blitz it gives 6 token if you win and if you lose it gives 3) And Packets are not both. Snowday packet was giving 250 tokens but that lunar year packet gives 50 tokens. In the last event you was can buy champion with 75 capsules in this event you can buy it with 50 tokens. I think theese event need equalization. I find this events very disproportionate. I'm sorry if I wrote something wrong Good Games
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