Wrestler Veigar

Price : 1350 RP or 1820 RP New SFX : When Veigar kills somebody with his R it would be nice to be heard something similar to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaxVwD-HvNU New Model : Veigar dressed with a hoodie (just like nighthunter rengar) ,holding a microphone in hand and wearing box gloves. Another Sugestion for Model : Veigar dressed just with pants ,holding a microphone in hand as his scepter and wearing box gloves. Recall : Veigar Waves at the crowd CTRL+1 : Veigar simulates an entrance to the ring CTRL+2 : Veigar simulates an announcement to the Microphone CTRL+3 : Veigar's dance is Arm Wave CTRL+4 : Veigar laugh to the Microphone ,and it sounds like a laugh microphonized Death Animation : Veigar stand down and appears "3!" icon Q ~ Baleful Strike : It's a projectile in punch form W~ Dark Matter : It drops a steel chair E ~ Event Horizon : It takes form of a UFC Cage R ~ Primordial Burst : It takes form of a Bowling Ball ,and after killin' it appears a " Pin Fall ! " icon ,just like Arcade Riven
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