About TFT

So i was thinking the game seems fun and as i have played autochess im waiting for it to launch on live servers.But my problem with autochess is that it became too repetitive.After seeing the TFT it felt it would be fun for a while and refreshing.After seeing a few streams i thought same problem might exist in this game too after a while.And then i thought about something.Since league has so many champs already, a rotation could be created which would change every few weeks to keep the game with different combinations ,tactics and versatility.Another similar way it would be that there is a huge pool of champions and only a few of them would actually be selected for each game randomly but in a way so every game would have balance and options. Naturally this is a suggestion for the future after riot develops more champions for this game.(so far im excited to play this game as soon as its on live servers)
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