Skin ideas - Spa Edition

Hello! I've come to stumble upon a few interesting ideas for skins. Please note that some of these skins are directed for the ladies in the community Male skin ideas - Chiropractor Braum {{champion:201}} - Chiropractor Sion {{champion:14}} - Masseur Singed {{champion:27}} - Masseur Mundo {{champion:36}} - Sauna Operator Brand {{champion:63}} - Yoga instructor Lee Sin {{champion:64}} - Acupuncturist Jarvan {{champion:59}} - Hot Stone Taric {{champion:44}} - Incense Maokai {{champion:57}} - Manicurist/Pedicurist Draven {{champion:119}} - Acupuncturist Xin Zhao {{champion:5}} Female skin ideas ('cus ofc the guys need some too.. geez) - Masseuse Leona {{champion:89}} - Masseuse Karma {{champion:43}} - Acupuncturist Irelia {{champion:39}} - Acupuncturist Kalista {{champion:429}} - Yoga instructor Evelynn {{champion:28}} - Hot Stone Syndra {{champion:134}} - Chiropractor Poppy {{champion:78}} - Manicurist/Pedicurist Riven/Fiora {{champion:92}} {{champion:114}}
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