(Final Build) Champion Stats Calculator - calculate what the best build would be.

http://i.imgur.com/skJ5Fg5.jpg Hello dear fellow Leaguers. #Introduction This project I’ve been working on for around 4-5 months (not fulltime of course), you may have seen a very rough prototype version during this time, and I can now finally say: “It is done!”, well, actually, it’s not, but the core is definitely there and working :). For the sake of this post, I will first globally explain what it is, does and is meant for. Then you will find a video with some instructions, after which I go a little more in-depth on what the program can, and can’t do. At the bottom you will find the option to download this program, I know people are going to complain about the program not working. Therefor I just want to clear up some things. To use the program completely, you will need Microsoft Excel (as far as I know all versions work, please contact me if that’s a lie). You will have to enable macro’s, else all the press-a-button-things won’t work! *** #The program (in short) This program will allow you to calculate the statistics of your champion based around: * The champion * Champion level * Runes * Masteries * Items * Ability points (regarding passives) Screenshot of one of the tabs: http://i.imgur.com/JYPvmDr.png This can be a good program to find out which build will meet your expectations of your end-game statistics. It is especially great for champions like Vladimir, Singed and Jhinn, who all convert certain stats into others. The program is meant to determine your stats, NOT your DPS or damage from a certain ability (although I do not want to say this will never happen in future versions). It’s a lot of work to program all that in Excel. *** #Tutorial video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRXtzYf4Bbc Some things that are taken into account when using. Only the following champion passives have been taken into account. The rest of the champions passives are dependent on more factors. * Akali passive * Azir W-ability * Darius E-ability * Diana passive * Galio passive * Hecarim passive * Janna W-ability * Jarvan IV E-ability * Kassadin W-ability * Kayle E-ablility * Lulu passive * Malphite W-ability * Master Yi E-ability * Morgana passive * Nasus passive * Nocturne W-ability * Olaf Ultimate-ability * Rammus passive * Ryze Ultimate-ability * Shyvana passive * Singed passive * Taric W-ability (the passive AND the aura are added to his totals) * Vladimir passive * Yasuo passive * Zed W-ability * Zyra W-ability * Jhinn passive *** #Download The first link will redirect you to the download page after waiting 5 seconds to skip an ad (Thanks :)), the second one is direct! [Download](http://adf.ly/1ZKTFn) [Download](http://adf.ly/1ZKTDv) Looking forward to your feedback, bug reports and grammar errors!
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