Skins, Morgana, kayle, nunu and master yikes

All these champions need a rework and you need to make it happen if you need to get more sales for your skins. SO instead of just releasing new skins why dont you rework those champions. I have been playing lol since i was 10 and these champions never got a rework. Morgana is not such a viable supp and it has only one reason to be played in this meta her e. Which now you nerfed so she is going be replaced by lulu or janna and even braun who has actually a shield to abilities. Kayle is not getting played anymore because she has no damage and yi is op. Nunu is just shiit and all these champions need more skill like new akali's ultimate which is a skill shot now GOD BLESS. To sum up if you want to sell more skins you need t make more balanced champions and more fun. Also don't release skins on champions that already have ten or more like Darius and Garen because nobody is going to buy them. The thing you need to focus is to make more skins with little amounts of rp like 975 or 520 and just change a little the partials and the look of the champion. And then it will be more worth to buy a skin than get chests in which a person can get better ones with way less money. That will boost your sales because you will get the full amount of money of your skins.
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