This may be a bit greedy but I wish RIOT would make one change to the new Annie-versary skin

Annie-Versary Skin Spotlight - League of Legends
League of Legends Annie-Versary Skin Spotlight. Purchase RP here and help support this channel via the amazon affiliate program (NA): Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Annie on their Annie-Versary Skin in this Spotlight. All footage was taken in game.
So I just watched the skin spotlight on this and while I think the skin looks fantastic there is one thing I wish they would change (just slightly). The voice lines. Not all of them I just wish that instead of "Go Tibbers!" she would say "Go Teemo!" or that sometimes when summoned we would hear "Captain Teemo/Tibbers on duty". Of course the last one would not be said by Annie but with a rough sounding voice that would fit Hulkmo here. This probably will not happen but man I wish it would. Also is the skin on the right of Tibbers in the splash a preview of a new skin? I think the rest are skins that are out already but this one (I think it's Ahri in a hat or something) seams new to me.
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