Hextech Crafting & Champion Shard Uses

I am sure allot of players besides me have the same problem. That they cant do anything with the champion shards from crafting. I only wish to get a discussion between riot and the community on weather or not a change to the system could be made. For example a system that lets you re-roll champion shards into a random skin maybe? for example it could be on like a rate of 9 shards-> 1 random skin. Since if you got all champions you got no use for thousands of blue essence or a inventory filled with champion shards for that matter. If a system like this got put in it would be a good use for champion shards for players that own every champion. But if you guys and girls got any other ideas feel free to post them here so others can see your ideas. Please keep in mind! This is only a suggestion and I am in no position to tell RIOT to make a system like this or at what exchange rate. I simply wanna bring up this option.
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