Old Legendary Skins

Hi Rito and everyone! ^^ i Got a Question about BloodLord Vladimir Please Riot Can this skin get Updated? Can you change the Q W and R Animation?? are You planning to change it in the future? cause the skin voice and look in Game are so Awsome!!!! ill Insta buy it if hes skills animation got reworked!! its one of my best legendaries but unluckly the skills isnt cool as the skin looks I wanna buy it but will it have a rework?? And If yes.. Will other Old Legendary skins got Reworked too? Like Magician Twisted Fate if u did all of these skin on one patch it will be a huge success!!! cause these skins looks cool And it can get Really Awsome Animations! Please Riot Do something like Legendary skins Update or anything!! Sayonara! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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