i know how to choose so i know which illaoi skin will come out,come as i explain how

so I will give you an example for a known rule amongst who try to guess for questions that they do not know the answer for we have a question and its answers are 1)ao 2)ab 3)pb you choose the one the common from both as in if the student fails either point he ends up on one of the wrong answers so in this example we see a was first and b was second in 12 and in 23 so the correct answer 95% the time is gonna be b unless the teacher knows of this trick, you might ask me what does that have to do with illaoi lemme just tell you that the rules applies here too lets cross the odd 1 out immediately for one reason the space one, both the battlecast and adventurer have eyes on their weapon which is a part of illaoi's theme and the third doesn't and both have full detailed body cloth rather than astronaut suit so the astronaut one is definitely not gonna be the one, second of all since we have one out we can simply try and find any similarities between it and any of the two options we have and boom we have our skin this os a tricky one since battle cast and adventurer are both futuristic but at the same time adventurer and astronaut share a greenish colour to it,...... just a thought I had if anyone has any idea to complete this idea please do,and if against it just say so and why , if I had to guess my best guess would be the adventurer for a different reason which is that battle cast skin kinnda :"cameod" like in velkoz's skin appearing somewhere and the last cameo was not humanoid and probable a manatee so that one out and the astronaut theme is really bad tentacles have nothin to do with space and really far and if they did the same joke of nautulius to illaoi it would be cliché and boring but a new fleshed out skin with a new idea and premise and many to follow is more probable ((((LAST HINT))) look at the pics the minor details the adventurer one has like a pot or whatever for the tentacle(plant) meaning it was really thought out but the astronaut one is really poorly drawn as if they had a whacky idea at the moment and wanted to see if people actually would be into it and the battlecast one is just predictable and not in theme since all battlescasters are monsters and the only humanoid is the creator so breakin that would be bad....................................I SAID WHAT I HAVE ADVENTURER ILLAOI IS THE UPCOMING SKIN APPROVED #HireMeRito

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