Riot give some love to Taliyah

Hello fellow summoners, As i said in the title, Taliyah doesn't get much love from riot, that is why i ask for a pool party skin. Why ? 1. She only has 1 skin and she came out already a long time ago 2. It would fit perfectly to the champ (my opinion) "passive surfing in summoners rift *_* " Like: Q: 5 water jet with sound animations like graves throw water in their faces W: Puddle on the ground then suddenly goes up to knock up the ennemy E: little bubbles on the ground then explodes well... like bubbles (that could be actually fun :D ) R: Creates waterfall and surfs on it Passive: Below her surfboard water animation with sound effect inclueded Tell me what you think about it , i really want this idea to be noticed by riot, i love so much Taliyah and getting sick to alternate ice/original skin ;_; ps: sorry if there are things that aren't clear i'm not a pro in english :3 Thanks for reading this post <3 {{champion:163}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:163}}
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