Avoid player

The new feature finally came! Sadly its only avaliable in Dota2. Its called avoid player. At the end of the game screen players has an option to blacklist this player from their future matchmaking. I can't help but wonder how many hundreds of years would it take for Riot to implement this feature. Sure they will say its impossible but if a multiplayer moba game with milions of players did it im pretty sure it wouldn't be impossible here. This would finally bring an era of better matchmaking for most of us and im pretty sure players would accept it. Riot please i know your dev team belongs in the stone age but consider implementing this technology. We already have an option of blocking the player, this would be an upgrade of that option. It would be avaliable in the endgame screen when we click on the players profile. This would be a perfect solution for trolls and griefers think about it!!!
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