Refund Credits 1 per year? our silly idea?

Hi i have been playing this game for some years now and i remenbered of the Refund Credits that i have spended so long ago i dont even remeber in what i spend them on xD, but moving on my idea is quite simple (our maybe just stupid), what if we got 1 Refund Credit per year? It seens like resonable in my opinion so thats it tell me what you tink, should we get 1 extra Refund Credit per year our is it just non-sense, maybe if you tink we should and you comment and up-vote, maybe and its a big **MAYBE** someone in riot sees it and tinks it a good idea also, if you tink its stupid our 1 per year its to much our vice-versa put it on a comment how you tink it should be our if how it is right now if enought. ps: not native plz go easy on me. "Have fun playing in the league." simoes0rodra

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