[Champion Concept] Samael, the Darkin Lancer

We are missing a darkin mid laner and a darkin support, this concept is for a support. **-** **Lore Summary:** Samael found his darkin lance locked inside of a cave. He released it and became friends with it. They became inseparable and fight for the same cause. *-* **Looks:** Samael is slim, but muscular, wears a golden sash around his body and brown pants. He has short brown hair and his eyes have been blindfolded. His lance is a golden with a big, 2 bladed head and a big golden eye on it. *-* **Kit:** (abilities are out of order since W is important to the passive) **Soulshift-Passive:** Upon attacking an enemy unit, Samael heals for 25% of all damage dealt to it. One unit may be marked at once. The healing is flat, not % based. **Soulbind-W:** Samael connects to an allied champion, that champion heals for 50% of all healing received by Samael. Additionally if Samael gets a kill that champion automatically gains an assist. Note that is Samael is full health he wont receive healing and therefore wont be able to heal allies. One ally may be linked at once. **Range:** 20 to 30 teemos **Duration:** 10-20 seconds **Cooldown:** 18-10 seconds **Spinepierce-Q:** Samael extends his lance forward, stunning all units hit in a line. **Damage:** 40-110 (+20% AD) **Stun Duration:** 0.5-1.5 seconds **Range:** 9 teemos **Cooldown:** 12-7 seconds **Groundpulse-E:** Samael smashes the ground with his lance, slowing and knockup up enemies around him. **Damage:** 50-100 (+5% of max health + 10% of missing health) **Slow amount:** 20% **Slow Duration:** 2-4 seconds **Cooldown:** 16-10 seconds **Darkin Walk-R** *Passive* Samael quickly dashes to an enemy unit within 10-20 teemos. (procced via right click) **Cooldown:** 15-7 seconds *-* **Speech Lines:** (lines *written like this* resemble the darkin talking) **Pick:** You are my eyes - *and you're my legs* **Ban:** Not today my friend - *what a shame* **Taunt to Aatrox:** *you consumed yours, I embraced mine* **Taunt to Rhaast:** *he was so much smarter than you* **Taunt to assassin Kayn:** Why would you do such a thing? **Taunt to pre-transform Kayn:** What is the point of fighting like that? *-* **Suggested build:** Despite being a support, he is built very damage-oriented to allow him to heal more. {{item:2303}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3075}} would be my suggested build, alternatively thornmai l could be switched for a titanic hydra or a bloodthirster. To cope with this expensive build path I would have him take the kills in lane because he helps the adc stay alive, and these items make it easier, I would NOT buy armor on him since then he'd take less damage, which means he's more likely to be closer to full health meaning he can't heal efficiently. *-* **Runes:** For runes I'd either take this: https://gyazo.com/dfb70448b2222c261ee736e39f74fd17 Or alternatively to focus even more healing this: https://gyazo.com/c146e85e0807c493fcb8b898edda4ad9
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