Weight: A solution to Assatanks

I've just come up with a curious idea for /appropriating/ tank builds, using two new stats called (subject to change) Strength and Weight. The main issue with Assassins (and others) building tank, instead of damage, is the lack of tradeoff for doing so. They need their bases as insurance for doing their job, and as a widjet for tuning their power at different stages of the game. The current attempts on Ekko; reducing base and improving scaling, shift his power towards the late game. Can't say I see this as a good idea for solving all the Assassin tank shenanigans, hence Weight, however, it's still good to have defensive options to stop you getting blown up by Rengo or something. ----- Items get a new additional stat called Weight. Weight decreases your Attack speed by -2% and Movement speed by 1% per kilo. Champions get a new additional stat called Strength. Strength reduces your Weight by 1% for each point of Strength. ----- We'll use a few examples: {{item:3068}} weighs 10kg {{item:3071}} weighs 5kg {{item:3508}} weighs 0.5kg {{champion:106}} 80 Strength {{champion:62}} 50 Strength {{champion:245}} 5 Strength So, Voli has a Sunfire cape, 10kg. That would mean a 20% AS reduction and 10% MS reduction, however, he has 80 Strength, which means an 80% reduction in Weight: Sunfire cape has an effective weight of 2kg now, meaning a 4% AS redux and 2% MS redux. Ekko gets a Sunfire cape, and due to his 5 Strength, weighs 9.5 kg, and thus constitutes to a 19% AS redux and a 9.5% MS redux. A reasonable compromise for just the one defensive item, however: Say Voli has 4 Sunfire capes, 40kg, *0.2 = 8kg, means a 16% AS redux and 8% MS redux. Less of a reduction than Ekko gets with a single cape. And Ekko with 4 capes: 40kg, * 0.95 = 38kg, means a 76% AS redux, and 38% MS redux. He's not going to like that. (Nor is he ever going to build it, but just for demonstration's sake). ----- Naturally, the numbers will be fiddled with, but the principle is there. And keep in mind how %AS interacts. (If you're not sure, the Wikia explains very well). http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Attack_speed What happens, in the most basic sense, is Ekko's 4 capes undo him buying a Runaan's.
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