Atisch, the Passivist

**Lore** > Atisch is an ancient creature, witnessing the atrocities of countless wars. He witnessed how war tore down the wonders of Shurima; how it condemned Ixtal to long-lasting isolation; and how it led to the corruption of the Blessed Isles. But more importantly, he witnessed how family after family broke down, split up, or died out; how it shaped people's everyday lives for the worse; and how it brought constant struggle and suffering to the masses. In the beginning he did not interfere. After all, violence begets violence. He hoped the wars would stop on their own, that people could just live together in peace. He waited for peace. it did not come, so now Atisch has come to the battlefield to bring the fighting to a stop once and for all. **Appearance** > Atisch looks like a sort of mole-swine hybrid. he has the snout of a swine (without the tusks), but the claws of a mole. He is rather large and fat. **Spells** > **Passive**: _Passivist_ > Atisch cannot autoattack or deal damage. When an effect would cause Attisch to deal damage to an enemy or neutral moster, he heals the lowest health nearby ally of the same type instead (damaging enemy champions instead heals allied champions, damaging minions instead heals allied minions/pets, damaging monster camps heals nearby minions/pets, with epic monsters healing nearby champions as well) for (a portion of) the damage. Can heal self. Additionally, Atisch's hitbox is rather big and impossible to walk through unless ghosted. ⠀ > **Q**: _Disarm_ Atisch dashes a short distance in target direction, knocking aside minions and neutral monsters. The dash stops upon hitting an enemy champion, dealling physical damage (see: passive) scaling with ad, as well as disarming the target for a few second. ⠀ > **W**:_Break up_ Atisch jumps to target location, knocking the nearest ally and enemy champion away from one another. ⠀ >**E**:_Chant_ (channel) Atisch slows himself by 90%, silencing nearby allies and enemies. If a target is affected by Chant for at least 3 seconds, they will cast Chant, too, untill they are no longer (directly or indirectly) affected by Atisch' Chant (so two champions that are not Atisch can't sustain a Chant unless Atisch is also involved). Chant can be cast while silenced by Chant, but can be interrupted by other cc. Chant has a reduced slow when cast by targets other than Atisch. Atisch is unaffected by other player's Chants. If Chant is interrupted, it goes on a fairly long cooldown, which only ticks down while Atisch is out of combat. Can be channeled indefinetely. ⠀ >**Ult**:_Cry for Utopia_ (channel) Atisch cries over a champion's corpse, creating a large Utopia for up to 10 seconds. While in the circle, champions are disarmed and cannot use damaging spells. Honestly this champ is probably very poorly designed, I just wanted to explore the idea of a pure utility champion that cannot deal damage. FYI: disarm is a type of cc that prevents champions from basic attacking altogether.

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