Vel'Koz EXISTS <3

Hello to everyone who is reading. I am {{champion:161}} main literally since the beginning of his existance in League of Legends. The reason that I&#039;m making this post is that in my personal view he is quite sadly forgotten (not like {{champion:6}} or {{champion:83}} was but in a different way). He has gotten a &quot;rework&quot; (only to his ultimate to deal true dmg to champions who were researched) waaaaaay back in 2016 Mid-Season update and was tweeked ONCE in patch note since his release on 27 of February 2014!!! + one of the main concerns about him is that, I know that champion must be picked more than average and be kinda &quot;in meta&quot; for him to get a skin but damn. Since everyone considers him a support nowadays (which I can neither agree or disagree but mid lane Vel&#039;Koz is super strong and can out damage a LOT of champions if played correctly) and his picking rate has grown expidencialy I really do think that this would be the right time to get him a new skin to remind people that this amazing tentacle monster does truly exist. The last skin that he got was the &quot;Definitely Not Vel&#039;Koz&quot; given to us on 31 of March in 2016! Maybe Riot gods would even bless us Vel&#039;Koz mains even with some Legendary Skin magic. Don&#039;t want to be biased or anything but I know what skins have to be different from one another and there is a TON of things you could give to my favorit voidy since he has ONLY a fire based skin (Battlecast Vel&#039;Koz) and a Yellow skin (Arclight Vel&#039;Koz). Definitely Not Vel&#039;Koz skin has the same color coding as the default one. Really do hope that someone will read this message and if you do please share this post so that Riot could be reminded of the one and only Eye OF The Void! &lt;3

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