Bloodmoon - The Great Three

As the bloodmoon theme is mostly inspired by eastern folklore, it would be a perfect opportunity to put in a reference to the three probably best known individual yokai of Japan. Blood Moon Gragas inspired by Shuten Douji, the most famous individual oni and also self-proclaimed king of all yokai. The skin should feature a traditional sake gourd instead of the usual cask, torn up japanese cloth and an oni mask. Blood Moon Ahri inspired by Tamamo no Mae, an evil kitsune known for causing mischief and chaos. The skin should feature a more demonic, maybe eye-like looking orb and of course a kitsune mask. Blood Moon Swain inspired by Emperor Sutoku, who became a terror-causing monster after his unrightful disposal from the throne. The skin should feature a more japanese look in general, more feathery particle effects to contrast his classic skin and a tengu mask.
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