New Lp System

Well guys, im not sure about you, but im a bit tired of having a player going afk in a game, making it nearly imposible to win, and losing same lp as if you were on a 5 v 5. I think it would be pretty fair, and its not a big deal to implement, that if there is an afk in the team, the team that loses the game get a reduction in lp loss, like 50%. If you normally lose 16-18 lp, well halve that leading to a 8-9 lp loss, and giving a greater punishment in lp lose to the guy who went afk, like double the amount of lp lost 16-18 x 2. Its just an example, but i really believe its unfair for players to receive the entire lp loss since in lol its really hard to win 4 v 5 specially in late games. How does the comunity feel about this idea?
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