[Champion concept] Mr.Counter-It-All

Here's the basic idea: a champion that benefits from all kinds of CC applied to him by enemy. I know, this may sound a bit OP, but here's the downside: let him be totally AA-based, melee and have _no_ directly damaging abilities. As for the backgrounds, this champion could be anything. A monk (like Lee or Udyr). A magician (like Ryze). A demon (like Nocturne). A godlike entity (like Zoe, Aurelion or Bard). Even a Voidling! But I think that a Demacian would fit the most: in Demacia they know how to deal with magic tricks. **THE KIT:** **P: "Back-draught".** Slow: When being slowed, increase your movement speed for the % of the slow amount instead. Damage over Time: Heal instead of suffering damage from such effects as Poison, Toxin, Bleeding. Cripple: Get attack speed buff instead of being Crippled. This effect has maximum duration that can be depleted and that recharges while Passive is not working, at any time. **Q: "Falling leaf".** Cast while Airborne. Become untargetable and dash in the direction of your cursor. If anything was carrying you away (like Poppy dash or Alistar shove) break free from that effect. Can surpass walls. (+) Cast while on ground: stop and jump into the air, becoming airborne for 0.5 sec and untargetable for that duration. This way you will either evade a strong damaging spell OR a knockup (not together) **W: "Never let you go":** While Rooted or Grounded your auto attacks turn ranged. Attack speed and damage will depend on the distance you projectile flies. (I.e. more DPS. You will hit nearby champions rapidly, or you will be able to pounce a faraway runner heavily at least once). **E: "Fair exchange".** Passive: when Disarmed, Blind, Silenced (or any damaging spell?) you auto blink in the direction of your movement and get a stack. Can be stacked several times, stacks do not expire. Your next auto will spend all stacks, use a short-ranged blink (like Ekko) and deal additional damage depending on the amount of stacks (increased Crit, probably?). ~~Active: for the short time after being hit by a spell, you can cast this ability to blink for a short distance towards your cursor.~~ Active: blink a short distance towards your cursor and cast a shield (increased by the number of stacks). **R: "Backfire".** Passive: gather stacks over time (or maybe from nearby spells) as long as you do not use this ability. Active: spend all stacks to cast a shield (N secs duration) that will return the effect of Fear, Taunt, Charm, Stun, Suppression, Sleep, Stasis (by the number of stacks) — back to their senders. One stack is available as soon as CD ends. Number of max stacks increases with ability level. In the end this looks like a new tank/diver that can run into Lissandra, evade Yasuo's Ulti, healf from Morde or Darius and dance on Teemo's mushrooms, but would be weak against 'clean' damage dealers like Draven, Kata or Ryze. PS: This may be not the best final design. Abilities not very well thought through. But hey! This is just a way to represent the basic concept. Please suggest any fixes to the concept, if you have any! PPS: Edited Q and E to give player a choice. I like choices! But I still do not really like E. Too much dependent on rare effects =( Any help here? **Your opinions, please?**
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