About the new secret champion

OK I made everything which i can to understand more about the champion: 1. the chain and the floor- Floor looks like it's made in demacia or lonia, the chains are golden and they are not like circle. Noxus don't use gold so much they sure make chains like circle. I wrote in google "demacian chains" and "noxian chains" but i saw only key chains with their weapons.The chains hold his hands, but the legs are free so his hands are very strong, but the legs are weak. 2. His legs- You can see them, it's not so hard. They are human legs so it must be at least 1/2 human. 3. His weapon- you can see it at the top left. It's like sword. But im not very sure this a sword because the sword looks golden and if the sword is golden the champion should try to brake the chains with the sword. 4. The wall/statue- So you can see at the right side. The demacian statues usually starts like this, because they have mantle. But if it's a wall (very low chance) i don't know where should be. 5. the champion's region order- Just see the last demacian champion is LUCIAN. So it's normal if the new champion is from Demacia. And yes, i will do that with every new champion.
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