Gem Knight Sion - Cause we still need a Gem Knight!

Because even if we got Taric, we still need a Gem Knight. How about that? Sion just found Taric's old equipment and decided to use it, beause deep inside, he always wanted to be pretty and fabulous. He always wanted to be like that, always following Taric in his steps, but never - ever revealing his true nature. He seek Taric over his path to Targon's top, only to see that Taric is getting rid of his old equipment. What a moment! Finally! He can be fabulous and pretty as he wanted to be. Sion always thought: Cloth do make the man! He was so happy about the armor pieces, that after he grabbed Taric's old cloths, he just ultied back at home with the scream: "GEMS! GEMS ARE TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!" After a small tune in size but without anything harsh modding, he was finally happy. The Gem Knight armor and the "Gemhammer" gave him what he always wanted...with clarity. Gem Knight Sion would have the old Taric's quotes: On Q: "You shall be crushed." On R: "GEMS! GEMS ARE TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!" Also, all the remaining lines would be there, and the taunt will be: "You are nothing more than glass, waiting to be smashed." Please, make it happen! /Sorry for my english :)
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