Possible next skins for Sylas !!

Infernal/Demoniac Sylas: - his chains look like amumus chains in his newest skin. - he look a bit like Brand and/or invernal akali, with his hair fire and going up ans side ways. - his vois sound harch and caked, like nightbringer yasuo in his ult for. - his arme knocles are made of red burning steal with spikes, as for the neck chain and clothing i leave that to RIOT (he is a reference to ghostrider Johnny Blaze). - his magic veins look like lava flowing betwen craked stone. - his passive and abilities leave ember efects during and after the casts, witch start bright white the fade to yelow, orange then red befor desapearing. - his passive make his hands look like shyvana's hands in her splashart. - his Q is similar to the base skin exept the color skeam and the X prok look like a mini brand W, and the chain marks have demoniac runes on them. - his W have a hot metal in could water sound to it, and spark and smoke apear on impact. - his E 1st pard look like a Highnoon lucian E with the ember efect behind it, the 2nd part look like an infernal amumu Q. - his ult leave a nightbringer yasuo E mark below the ulted enemy, the ut clone look red orange and is on fire. Zombie/Undead Sylas: - his chains are the same zombie Ryze carry on him. - he look roten and dark gray with peases of his face (his cheek preferably) missing, wich give him a "wake up dead man" protagonist face, with wight gray hair, parts of his body are missing, so we can see ribs and muscles. - his voice lines are non, only groaning and moans. - his arme knokles are made of tombstones, and a hanging roape around his neck . - his magic veins look likeweard glowing blue veins or like zombie ryze have in his forehead. - his passive and abilities leave ghost spirits efect during the casts, similar to the 2017 harowing Death sworn skins for Zed, Viktor and Katarina. - his passive make his hand glow green/blue, like the ghosts. - his Q leave marks similar to Death sworn Victor evolved E second cast ghosts, along side cursed runes, the X prok look like a mini Death sworn Zed E. - his W have that ghost woman breathing to it, like in Death sworn Zed recal, and leave ghosts escape after cast. - his E is similar to base skin with color skeem changes. - his ult throw a masse of ghostly skulls to the target just like lunar wraith throw a spirit wolf, the mark is pale greenblue, and the clone of the ulty look greenblue too and does leave ghosts behind him Resistance/Battlecast Sylas: -his chains look more industrialised, similar to battlecast Urgot ult chains, or like battlecast Vel'Koz tentacles, and are carbon black - he looke half robotized, like illaoi, can have half his face robotised terminator style, or a black jaw giving his a metal gear raising raiden look or a cyborge supperman look, he is dressed similarly to illaoi, waybe have his feets also be robotics. (he is to be a reference to sam worthington in terminator 4). - his voice is robotised, like batlecasts or project. - his arme knokles are robotic , similat to Vi, exept the hands, it would be cool if he lost his hands and have 3 finger like claw/drill at the end, meanig the work was not over on him yet, but illaoi saved him befor it was finished, the colar is more like a hightech prisoner colar, that has a beeping in the front, and a cut off cable in the back. - his magic veins are pulsing red lights,similar to the marks kassadin leave on the grond, to note that his armes are robotik all the way to the shoulders - his passive and abilities leave electric sparks around during the cast, similar to the ones in resistance illaoi splashart. - his passive make is hands spark with a bot of electricity. - his Q leave sparks and a bit of fire behind, the X prok look like a big fire and electric discharge, like when someone stabe an electrical outlet with a knife or fork (don't try it, you might die or end up cripled). - his W leave sparks and fire on impact and have a similar sound as a kennen ult prok. - his E is similar to base skin exept color skeem and the sound efect sound more industriel. - his ult throw the same projectil as Urgot's ult 1st part, and leave and odyssey yasuo E mark under the ulted champ, exept it is red, and the clone of the ult casting look like a red holograme similar to project Zed W.

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