Leah, the Scared Spirit

Bio: Ahh, Leah, that little girl from the blessed isles! She's the most innocent little kid you'll ever see! She's terribly afraid of the dark though - after all, it took her parents, her teachers, her friends - it took everyone from her, and now she's scared it will take her. It won't though, for the name of this darkness is Leah... Leah looks like a little girl, corrupted by the shadow isles, holding a chandelier with candles and dark candles. Her intended role is ranged support. Overall game play concept: Leah is focused on vision on global presence, in exchange for being relatively understatted. Passive: brilliance Leah's wards have an increased sight radius. Additionally, they reveal stealth-ed units. Q: candlelight, similar range to trinket passive: when Leah places a ward, it briefly flares up, blinding enemy champions looking at it. active: place a ward W: the darkness, global range Leah corrupts a ward, damaging nearby enemies and briefly fearing them. Corrupted wards don't give vision, instead, they negate any enemy non-champion vision. E: snuff out, global range Leah destroys a ward. using this on a non-corrupted ward causes it to flash, healing allies and briefly stunning enemies in a small radius. Using this on a corrupted ward causes it to implode, dealing damage enemies in a small radius and pulling them towards the center. R: candle spirit, global range passive: Leah has a higher stealth ward cap, scaling with rank active: Leah targets a ward and briefly channels. She turns into a ward and the target ward turns into Leah, proccing candlelight on both Leah and the ward, proccing the aoe effect of the darkness on her destination, and the corrupt AoE effect of snuff out on her original location, all with double the radius, cc duration, healing, and damage.
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