Riot gives free chests for good grades? Get pranked kid, you thought it would be that easy? xd

So as we all know, you need to get an s-,s or s+ to get a free chest in league. Seems for me though it's nigh impossible to get an S because riot are so greedy even when being a multi billion dollar company. My guess is that they just made it very hard to get an S. Let me give you an example, a few recent games, with Garen I went 22/6/16 with 44 cs. Not even an A+. With Cho'Gath I went 16/1/20 with 36 cs, I didn't get an S, however another player (as poppy) went 8/4/26 with 50 cs did get an S- which is major bullshit. Another game i went 18/5/22 with 36 cs (Garen) no s Wtf? How good does a performance need to be to get an s? I assure anyone viewing that I haven't received any chest from the champions mentioned. I have 19 keys and counting. No chests. Riot forcing people to spend money on a free game, but i'm not a mug so i won't waste on cgi, it's just nice to get a chest and see what you get.
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