[Champion Suggestion] Zombie Queen

So my idea is for a top lane bruiser champion that summons minions for her kit and an ultimate that makes them a great flex pick for support. I think more champions should be designed to flex into the supporting role to make it more engaging and familiar for the players who usually prefer to play other roles. * Her Q would empower her next auto-attack and give a speed boost to help you gap close. It'd summon a minion too (Similar to Yorick's mist walkers) * Her W would be an AoE slow, which summons a minion too. When the minion attacks it would slow whichever champion it hit * Her E would summon a minion that restores HP as it deals damage * Her ultimate would summon a clone of targeted ally as a controllable pet, if the targeted ally died while the ability was active, they could take control of the clone until it expired. THAT would be really cool! I think you should call this awesome unique and completely original champion either Slash or Mrs Ricky. I think she should look like Michael Jackson in Thriller, only a girl and a little bit more... METAL!
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