When you know you are better...

I LOVE League of Legends and im trying to save up for a gaming computer so I could play League. (Dis computer doesnt even have a graphics card strong enough for LoL) I haven't played League for about half a year but my goal will soon be reached, I have learned alot from watching vids and reading boards. Trick2G teached me how to carry with even Yorick. If you play with noobs and you know youre better than them but u just cant carry cuz u get super tilted then dont listen to them. If they go in 1v5 when you have no chances of winning, dont follow up. It doesnt matter how much they flame cuz they are dumber than you, in all competetive games you have to believe in urself, if you will think that you will die then that will happen.Im currently playing football as a hooby and a while ago I was the worst guy on my team but now that one really great coach has taught me some tips and tricks Im alot better at football, but the most meaningful tip was to believe in yourself.If you think that you can do it then you will. If you think that you will fail then that will happen. Its not about whether you fail or win tho. Its about how hard you work and how hard you believe that after every hit you can get up and beat their asses. You can carry 1v9 and you know it, u just need to unleash that inner power. Don't listen to anyone doesnt mean that you have to be toxic but it means that you should never respond to flame but just mute them. I have seen so much players including myself just trying to think of a comeback to flame or just typing to flame somebody but then rengar jumps on to you thinking you are BM so he has to disrespect and you delete that essay of text but you are already dead. Spread this to all your LoL friends who suck but want to improve so much. If you have reached ranked but you mostly lose lane in normals anyway then play normals, not ranked. **If you are bad dont get in ranked, play normals until you have learned to play a champ real good or if you feel that you are better at the game, but if you get destroyed in normals, then practice with bots. The same goes in football, if you lose to someone your level train with yourself or ask the best on your team for some tips** Bad players are always frustrating to be with, and even when the enemy has bad players like a Tristana who goes full Ruby crystals then dont help those players ingame unless you have voice communication. Typing long texts in league is dangerous, even when you are dead cause then you dont get the information you should know. The Minimap and map awareness is really important. Analyze everything people better than you do so you can use the same things to be better in your interests. Stay calm and concentrate. Learn From your mistakes. Have a great day!
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