Soraka and Annie 3D Animation - Poor Soraka Can't Take a Nap.

Just Some League ep. 1 (League of Legends Animation)
Soraka is taking a much earned break from healing, when a piercing scream shatters her hopes and dreams of a 5 minute nap. ======================== Director: MasterVertex Assistant Director and Best Girlfriend: Grave Writers: MasterVertex Renipuff Animators: MasterVertex Pivotal Animations ( Voice Actors Renipuff ( FakeTsuki Sound Editing: Identify Film (
The past year I've been working on and off on an animation featuring my favorite support champion, Soraka and my favorite teddy bear toting terror, Annie. Everything has been remodeled and partially re-textured, with environments built in Autodesk Maya from a mix of LoL and WoW assets. It was originally going to be a WoW machinima but the plan changed half way through because I started playing LoL.
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