Small pantheon buff idea

Pantheon's currently sitting at 48% win rate so not the best rn, he's still good imo but I think he's in a spot where he could use a tiny buff Pantheon's triple block can be very strong, but it's not really reliable rn as it needs a long setup (stack to 3 stacks, w a minion, wait 12 seconds, q *block* w *block* e *block*) and is also quite easy to see when you're preparing it I thought this would be a good place to buff him, making his triple block reliable by integrating it into his other engage tool, his R : By simply adding the same effect as his w on his R (aka : gaining aegis protection), you'd be able to get 3 stacks, engage with your R, block the first hit, w, block the second hit, use another ability or basic attack and block the third hit This little change would, imo, make pantheon's triple block more reliable to use and would be a nice buff imo
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