Champion Concept - Faust, The Grim Puppeteer

Role : Midlane - Mage Lore : In the filthy streets of Noxus, every man has to find a way to survive for the next day. Despite being an orphan ever since he was a kid Faust was a genius at Puppet shows, gaining more and more money the more street performances he was doing, he quickly got noticed by The Pale Woman herself who quickly added him as an important member of the black rose giving Faust the power to make his puppets move without even moving a finger, eventually at an adult age Faust was giving private shows to important peoples such as Noxian generals even the grand general and Darkwill were impressed, Faust's mastery of Puppets knew no boundaries, he was able to make them do anything. Living a peacefull life by himself living of his puppet shows. One day a baby was abandonned at his door, he decided to raise it like it was his own child. Years passed and Faust was starting to teach his daughter everything he knew, she was everything to him. But eventually..Faust's daughter died from an unkown disease at a young age. Torn apart by this loss Faust stopped everything, he only had one idea. Bring her back. He searched for every possible way, eventually he heard from the Pale Woman about a land where the living meets the dead..the shadow isles. Many of his friends tried to warn him, but he didn't care. he travelled all the way the Bilgewater, bought a ship and sailed to the Shadow Isles but once he arrived there...he was greeted by his daughter. He could see her as clearly as his hands, she was there just in front of him. He stayed for days with her..if not years...every day twisting him more and more until he turned mad. Now a spirit of the isles, Fausts attracts new victims by using Puppets at the effigy of a young girl drawing the poor victims to the isles only to be torn apart, their members being replaced by puppet parts one by one by Faust himself. Kit : Passive - Puppets Parade : Faust starts the game with 2 Grim Puppets. Grim puppets posesse 100-950 HP, have a fixed attack speed of 1.0 and their auto attack deal magic damages based on 75% of Fausts AP, they follow Faust and stick to him unless ordered otherwise, puppets will naturally focus minions and will stay neutral towards enemy champions unless order otherwise. If both Puppets die, Fausts W is changed into the** Summon** ability. Q - Puppet Strike : Faust sends his 2 Grim Puppets to a targeted champion dealing 40/60/80/100/120 (+60% AP) magic damages and leave a mark on him, this mark makes the Grim Puppets auto attack the marked champion for 2 seconds. Cooldown : 10/9/8/7/6 seconds. W - Guardian Puppets/Summon : Guardian Puppets : Faust recalls his Puppets to him, shielding him for 50/70/90/110/130 (+70% AP) damages. Summon : Faust summons 2 Grim Puppets additionally, Fausts next spell wiill do 30% bonus magic damages. Cooldown : 15/14/13/12/11 seconds. E - Binding Puppets : Faust sends his Puppets to bind an enemy champion, dealing 65/85/105/125/145 (+30%AP)(+4% Max Health) magic damages, rooting him for 2 seconds and marking him for 2 seconds. Faust may recast this ability to recall his Grim Puppets to him and give a 5% movement speed boost for 1.5 second. Cooldown : 20/18/16/14/12 seconds. R - Strings of Fate : After channeling for 3 seconds, Faust turns a dead near enemy champion into a Shadow Puppet and takes control of it for 30 seconds. The Shadow Puppet moves in the same direction as Faust and will always stand by his right side unless ordered otherwise, the Shadow Puppet posesses the same HP as the champion used for it and is full HP when ressurected and also posesses the same items he had before dying additionaly the Shadow Puppet mimics all spells of the champion used for it and it's cooldowns are refunded when ressurected by Faust. Faust can alternate between his own spells and the spells of the Shadow Puppet by using the R key, spells of the Shadow Puppet will be used by her and not Faust. If Faust dies, the Shadow Puppet also dies. Cooldown : 120/100/80 seconds. Quotes : Joke : *Faust plays with his puppets* Come join the family. Taunt : You're nothing more than a puppet in my show. Special interactions : (Darkins) : You know, you would be more useful to me in your weapon form. (Shuriman Ascendeds) : My my, you are quite an interesting puppet material. (Voidlings) : I wonder if your body can be of any use. (Bilgewater Champions) : Bilgerats, poor material really. (Freljord Champions) : Solid and cold parts, just what i need. (Any Vastaya) : This one's fuelled with wild magic. (Lucian) : Yes, i've seen your wife, want to meet her ? (Swain) : It is a pleasure to meet you here Grand General. (LeBlanc) : See what you led me to. (Elise) : The pale lady doomed us Elise ! (Karthus) : The noxian boy fascinated by death, how cute. (Vladimir) : Don't be fooled by the Black Rose Vladimir. (Mordekaiser) : You seek revenge don't you ? (Kindred) : Death is merely a new chapter for me. (Maokai) : Your wood would make the perfect material. (Ally Shaco) : The Jester and the Puppeteer, let the show begin ! (Zac) : Uh..i doubt i can do anything with ? And that's pretty much it >.< i do have a lot of other concepts to show so let me if you want to see more of my "work" . ^^
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