Zefarias K'ul, the Dark Star

**Zefarias K'ul, the Dark Star** **Lore:** Zefarias, Aurelion Sol's counterpart, helped Aurelion Sol to forge the universe into what it is today. Stars often coming in pairs, and Aurelion and Zefarias were brothers. Zefarias was obsessed with dark energy, rather than his brother, with light energy. The Dark energy corrupted Zefarias, and he became The Dark Star. Focused on destroying his brother's works, Zefarias became enraged at Aurelion and they had a great battle. The power and energy released in the fight released Aurelion's creations into an open orbit and flying through Space. Runeterra, being one of them. Aurelion filled with rage for his corrupted brother landed one final strike, destroying half of Zefarias' face. Zefarias retreated with haste, and Aurelion left his brother in order to search for his lost creations. After collecting them, all but one remained. Runeterra. Aurelion saw his creations, and the "League of Legends" institute, and rather than reclaiming his lost world, he decided to give up his universal being, and live the rest of his days in this institute. But that is not the end of this story. Zefarias was injured, but not destroyed after the Battle of the Cosmos. Thousands of years, past, and Zefarias was almost healed. His wounds were not unshowing, however. Travelling for light-years, Zefarias found where his long lost brother had been hiding. Instead of crushing Runeterra, he wanted Aurelion to have a slow death, watching the corruption around him destroy his creations. Zefarias, created The Void... a bottomless Abyss of pure darkness and destruction. Out of which came the most vile and dangerous of creatures, which were sent to Runeterra to join his institute and corrupt his creations. Aurelion was aware of this, and knew he had been found. With the remaining of his cosmotic power, he also turned Zefarias into a mortal being, like Auerlion. Zefarias had no choice but to join the League of Legends to attempt to enact his revenge once and for all.. **Abilties:** **Passive- Unstable Orbit:** Zefarias harvests the energy from around him creating a forever swirling black vortex around his location, dealing 20/30/40/45/50 (+2% of the enemies Current Health) as magic damage per second to all enemies around, or in the vortex. Scaling at levels 1/6/11/16/18. Additionally, Zefarias can only focus so much power at a time, and cannot use basic attacks. **Q- Comet Barrage | 80 Mana | 13/11/9/7/5s:** **Passive:** Whenever an enemy unit is killed by Unstable Orbit, Comet Barrage gains a charge. It additionally will generate a charge every 9/7/5/4/3 seconds. (Holds up to 5 charges) **Active:** Zefarias releases all charges stored in a target direction over 2 seconds, dealing 20/30/40/60/90 (+0.2AP) magic damage per charge to enemy enemies hit. If a single enemy is hit with all charges they will be slowed by 40% for 1 second. Maximum base Damage: 450 magic damage (+0.2AP per charge) **W- Grasp of Infinity | 100 Mana | 17/15/13/11/9s:** Zefarias channels all of his energy into Unstable Orbit for 3 seconds, empowering it for the duration. While Unstable Orbit is empowered, it's damage against enemy Champions is increased by 20/40/60/80/110 and any enemies within a large area of Zefarias are slowly sucked into his vortex over the duration. Zefarias can still move around while Dark Grasp is active, however he cannot cast any abilites during it's duration (except from summoner spells). **E- Supernova | 90/80/70/60/50 Mana | 7/6.5/6/5.5/5s:** Zefarias lunges in front of him with a mighty dark slash tearing space fabric, dealing 90/120/160/210/270 (+0.4AP) magic damage to all enemies in it's area, and slowing them by 30% for 1 second. After 1.5 seconds the fabric will explode, dealing half as much damage, and stunning any remaining enemies for 1 second. **R- Dark Star | No Cost | 100/90/80s:** Zefarias creates a singularity at the desired location, untargetable, lasting for 80 seconds. If an enemy comes into contact with the singularity, a dark star will be born lasting for 3 seconds, creating a huge area around itself that will suck in EVERYTHING (except from Zefarias, Structures and Epic monsters) towards its core. Enemies are snared while at the center of the star, and enemy dashes are negated. (not blinks) The dark star's force is half as effective on allies. **Conclusion:** Phew, that took a while. But I think although it may need some tweaking, I believe he could be a really cool concept. The flavor is great! Stars do generally come in pairs :> Tell me what you think :) but please only constructive criticism! ;P **Creator Comments:** > "As for Zefarias concept, and abilities; I decided to focus his main power around dark energy, and suction. Unlike Auerlion, that likes to FUS RO DAH things away from him, Zefarias embraces his enemies and lets them die while he watches closely, sucking them into the infinitly deep and vast abyss of his being, slowly devouring them. The thought of a champion NOT being able to auto attack was an idea I had for a while, but really had no idea how I could implement it in a champion, I couldn't really have a champion with a sword or weapon with no attacks. I originally thought of maybe a Zen champion like Karma, but without the auto attacks, but later scrapped that idea. Auerlion, with stars dealing small amounts of damage and orbiting slowly around him, and Zefarias with his constant black hole around him dealing damage would be a really cool addition. Of course it would be seemed as an easy character to play, but he would take somewhat of skill, and risk involved in his plays. Bare in mind that enemies have to be CLOSE to Zefarias to take damage, so ranged characters counter him dearly. The concept of the comets and charges charging up for a giant attack was also an idea I had for a while. Originally with the comets being fired one at a time with a 0.1s cooldown seemed a bit op, and accurate, but I wanted to give him a substitute basic attack, so I went with his current Q :)" > * Post taken from Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/4r9nio/champion_concept_zefarias_kul_the_dark_star/
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