[Champion Concept] Tempo, The Hybrid Elemental

**Introduction:** Tempo is a mage class champion who uses Ice and Fire based spells, he has a special secondary bar known as "temperature" which affects his gameplay. **-** **Info:** **Name:** Tempo **Class:** Mage **Place of Birth:** Freljord **Residence:** Frejlord **-** **Lore Summary:** Tempo was a mage from Freljord specializing in ice-based magic. In his mid-teens he encountered a flame elemental, which he became friends with. At one point he got into an accident and the elemental sacrificed his own life to save him, combining with his soul, giving Tempo both control over fire and ice. **-** **Looks:** His left eye is white, his right eye is crimson red. The hair on his left side is completely frozen and white, while on the right side it's burning. His left arm is pale white/blue, his right arm is tanned and glows orange. He wears a black vest/tank top and gray silk pants. His arms are tattooed with tribals, left has blue and right has red ones. **Abilities:** **Flaming Ice-Passive:** -After using an ice/fire based ability Tempo's temperature starts going from 0 (middle) to either -50 or +50. (takes about 1.5 seconds to get to the cap) -If an ability of the same element is used when it's at the cap, it will have a bonus effect and it resets back to 0 degrees. -If a fire ability gets *overcharged* the affected enemy units will take 5-35 (+5-20% AP) dmg per second for 3 seconds. -If an ice ability gets *overcharged* the affected enemy units will be slowed for 10-40% and lose 20% of their attack speed. -Has a cooldown equal to the cooldown of the spell this was procced with. -When capped his dominant side visually augments (more flames or more ice basically) **Cold Feet-Q:** Tempo freezes a target area on the ground, dealing damage to units hit. Also slows units that walk on the area by 10% and slows their turning speed by 50%. **Damage:** 20/50/70/90/110 (+15% AP) **Cooldown:** 10/8/7/5/3 seconds **Frozen Aura-W:** **Frozen Aura:** Slows units around and after channeling, deals a burst of damage and freezes all units hit. **Freeze Duration:** 0.5/1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds **Damage:** 30/65/90/100/125 (+33% AP) **Cooldown:** 30/27/25/24/22 seconds **Flaming Charge-E:** Dashes to a target direction, leaving a trail of flames behind and dealing damage to all units hit. (Does double dmg to units hit at max range) **Damage:** 40/60/80/100/120 (+20% AP) **Cooldown:** 18/16/14/12/8 seconds **Fire Bolt-R:** Shoots a bolt/ball of fire forward at fast speed, exploding once colliding with units or one reaching max range (about same range as Jhin W, maybe a bit longer). **Damage:** 150/250/350 (+33% AP) **Cooldown:** 90/75/60 seconds **-** **Speech Lines:** **Pick:** "Hell shall freeze over" **Ban:** "That's cold, and burns like hell" *-* That's it for now, I hope to continue this project, but for that I need feedback, thank you for your time :)
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