Riot Games, are Mini-Games DEAD?

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So I'm quite an old league of legends player and I'm used to be playing one of those custom mini-games like ARAZ; ARAJ; Draft racing; dodge ball; Hide&Seek and so on, but league of legends has changed and there isn't any normal maps for us to play majority of these custom mini-games. Back in the day there was Dominion. Hide&Seek was perfect there, you had gold and XP regeneration and even gold to start off. It was really good, but as all of us know it was removed. Now we don't have a normal map to play these and i think a LOT of people miss it including me. Dear Riot games all i want is you to make a map that we could edit. It could be a normal 5 vs 5 Summoner's rift but at least could you give us an opportunity to add gold and XP regen, level up's if we need it. Maybe we could turn off minions there. Kinda like sandbox mode but online, multiplayer. It would be so helpful and I'm sure that it would make League of Legends a much better game. Because now I'm kind of bored playing all those normals/rankeds and i wan't to play these game modes with my friends, but it takes a lot of time to get certain levels, items and so on. Or you could just do what you did to Aram. It was a custom mini-game ( All Random All Mid ) created by the community and got so popular that you - Riot Games released it as a normal game mode that we can play today. Could you spend some time making Hide&seek and other mini-games a place in League of legends? Because all of them were sooo popular back in the day when dominion was still there. At the end of the day i really want to play these game modes once again without need of farming until 6, getting gold and just wasting so much time when we didn't have this problem way back. So all I'm asking you to do is to make custom maps customizable. For instance: If I choose a 3 vs 3 map I want everyone to start at level 6 and 1500 gold. I want gold and XP regen. Same goes for 5 vs 5 map. Is this all that hard? please Riot Games i really hope you can do this in the near future because custom mini games means A LOT for those old OG players of league. Thanks for reading this and i hope you can somehow make this ''Dream'' come true!
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