More lp for the goodest players ?

Edit : Sorry for 2 posts in a row :v So , i don't personally play ranked, but i've seen the concept of "it's my team's fault not mine pls don't take my lp if we lose cause it's not my fault i don't like bronze" or similar too often, So i thought about a potential, new lp system , not actually a new lp system but just an adition to the current one I personally think that the current system is very good , if you're good , even if your team sucks , you'll still end up climbing up the ranks some day, and likewise if you're bronze and can't get out of bronze , well , sorry but i think that means you should be in bronze So anyway , here's my idea : Let's take an average game with a 20 lp win - 20 lp loss Let's say you carry the game like crazy and yet you still lose : You take the full 20 lp loss Now what if you feed like crazy and your team loses because of you : You take the full 20 lp loss Now on the other side of things , you carry the game like crazy and get the win : here have 2 extra lp for 22 total lp But what if you feed like hell but you still win because your team carried you : here have 18 lp So , yeah , no ?
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