Riot Logic

I went to Honor Level 0 about week before end of season 7. That was my bad blah blah ye accepted it fine w/e... Played the entire season without verbal abuse, inting, trolling or anything like that... went to Honor 1 (last stage before Honor 2). 150 games later I call a Draven who flames me since min 1 he is trash for throwing game at Baron and I get 10 games chat restricted (which is fine idc about it since I don't chat much) and BAM ... right back to Honor 0. I mean you make this progress so pathetic and painfully slow in toxic-ass game and you drop Honor right back to 0 for one time getting pissed on losing streak. Can you make any balance at all since u already failed to balance the champs make more effort to balance the Honor system at least and drop Honor levels a little less... it is damn chat restriction not even a game ban jeez.
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