Gender and ethnic diversity

Hello Riot! :) I'm a 25 year old guy and I saw Black Panther awhile back now and as I bet you know it was awesome! How ever it made me think a bit about LoL. It feels like there is a set standard for how most female champions shall look, big boobs, thin waist and a outstanding booty. While there is a bit more of variation among the male champion, Gragas who uses his formidable size or Ekko who's quite thin and smal uses his speed and agility. More can be named but I think I made my point clear, different body types (even if not so many) can be seen in the male champion pool but not in the female. Why do I think this is an issue? Well because it feels like the female champions are designed to appeal to the player as "sexy" rather than being a plain badass champion as I feel like most male champions are promoted as. I think I understand the reason, most of the LoL players, I guess are male and white so it is profitable for you to create champions that either appeal to the player as something they would like to engage with (a sexy woman) or appeal to the players ego and portray a champion which in someway look similar to the player or what the player would like to look like (often white often muscular man). This have worked well to get the game to where it is today and I totally love playing the game, it appeals to me. But the world is changing, women are standing up around the world to say they had enough of being sexualized and that the time for gender equality is now. I totally agree. I also believe that LoL could become much more inclusive and more appealing to a wider player base (especially to girls and women) if you started to create more female champions that actually have different body types and female champions that are truly badass and promoted around their strengths. It's just my belief but it seems logical, I mean one of the most popular champions in the game is Jinx and she breaks the normal mold. I also believe that you could get an even more to a ethnic diverse player base if some diversity was included among the humanoid champions. If you are afraid that it might not sell with truly badass female champions and ethnic divers champions I think Black Panther has proved that quality sells no matter what and a divers cast just appeal to a broder audience. I mean Black Panther have made more than $1 billion at world wide box offices, if that isn't a good indication that ethnic diversity and awesome female characters actually sells I do not know what is :) Best wishes from a big fan of your game
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