This Matchmaking system

Im %%%%ing done with League. This is the second time Im leaving the game for a long period of time. At this same time of the year Im leaving for a couple of months because you make the game so damn boring, it´s not even fun anymore. Your matchmaking system is totally broken at the start of a season and I can do more than try to enjoy your game, but it´s impossible right now. I have played this game for years and I have a ton of fun with my friends. But as the years pass I become much better at the game and Im trying to play competetive. But I cant do it anymore. EVERY DAMN GAME I you match me with 2-3 players that make my game just completely awful. It´s not even worth trying anymore. I think I´ve played 7 placement matches and I´ve won one of them. I was gold 2 last season and I know I can go higher but I wont get the chance when u place me with bronze players and against plat players. THAT´S RIDICULOUS! I dont want to stop playing league because I love the game but I dont know what to do anymore. You have to fix your matchmaking systems. YOU created elo hell and got to get rid of it. I have to clue about how the placement works but Im sure that you will place me in bronze again %%%%ing scumbags. I climbed from bronze 3-4 to gold 2 in just some months after a long break from the game. All I want is someone to tell me what the %%%% is going on //One damn desperate and tilted gamer
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