Idea for a Freljord assassin

Ever noticed how the Freljord has no assassins? In Riot's defense, it is difficult to create an assassin with Freljord lore. I've been playing with an idea for one. No pic, sorry. I leave that to the professionals. I have no idea what to call him yet. The basic idea is to make a Freljordian wolf-handler. No special powers, only survival skills and his tamed and trained pets. His basic lore would be that he learned to survive with only his pets as company, after taming these wild beasts. They help him hunt and see him as the leader of the pack. His appearance would be old and wiry but not too old, sort of like Scott Glenn in the film Vertical Limit. He would wear thick clothing, like a sled rider or eskimo but also sort or trapper-like. He could be Nordic or Native American. Either could work well. His weapon for basic attacks would be a hunting knife. He is permanently accompanied by two wolves. Some abilities increase his pets. All of his abilities would utilize his wolves: P- "Scent". All cloaked champs (brush or invisible) are visible to him within his field of vision because of his wolves' sense of smell. Q- "Brother wolf". Active. Six wolves surround the champ, facing outward and guarding him for a short duration returning all melee damage to those who attack him. w- "Hunters". Passive. The crit damage of the champ and his two permanent wolves increases with each level W. E- "Dog-sled". Active ability. The champ jumps onto a sled pulled by six wolves, increasing his movement speed until his next attack, in which case he dismounts. R- "The dogs of war". Active. The champ unleashes four wolves who attack the enemy champ in a feral frenzy. Please, please Riot!
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