New Meta Incoming In Season 10

Hi there, I love the new support items and jungle changes incoming in the new season. I think with all those changes(jungle camps spawning faster, exp equalized exp between blue side and red side jungle, nerf to duo lane exp etc.) + the importance of herald/dragons a _**NEW META**_ will emerge. In this new meta people will play something like this: Top Lane: ap or ad bruiser(with tp) Mid Lane: ad marksmen(using ad support item and using the passive whenever jungler comes to gank) Bot Lane: ap control mage(with tp) Top Side Jungler: tracker - early game focused jungler like lee sin/xin zhao/shaco/elise/etc.:focused on clearing top side jungle and then invading enemy top side jungle + ganking top side to get the bruiser ahead or helping mid in case of dives Bot Side Jungler: support type jungler - tank/cc/utility focused like leona/ivern/maokai/etc.: focused on clearing bot side jungle and ganking mid or bot + funneling scutler crab in mid lane or bot lane carry I think this new meta will be(would be) a way better version of the current game since it would imply having 5 different solo laners, essentially 5 people that could carry in a more explosive environment and _**way more action packed game**_. More ganks for everyone, more safety for everyone, more resources for everyone, less tilt for everyone, less reliance needed from teammates => less flame and not so impactful consequences for 1 guy going afk(less toxicity). What do you guys think? Is this a future we could forsee?
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