TFT, the good bad and ugly.

Ok, so my experience with Auto Chess is very limited, but Ive played Dota Underlords quite a bit and Im trying to get a feel for TFT aswell (group pressure from friends.) A lot what Im gonna say have most likely been covered in other posts, im sorry for the repetition. Cons * The beginning is to brutal, the health loss as you try to assemble your team is to big. * Assembling the team is to random, the hero pool is to small to let you go your path, even further into the game. * Theres simply to many early on heroes thats a must have. * Tactical focus over strategic might seem fun on paper, but makes all macro useless. * Getting items or not is to random. * Understanding items and what they can do is only for old LoL players, not new ones. * Complete lack of visual interface of knowing what you opponents are up to. As in knowing if its even worth rerolling for a certain champ (which playes a huge roll in this game.) Pros * It IS a tactical game, your group setup REALLY matters. * So does the items and where to put them. I can see a lot going for TFT as set apart from Dota Underlords. Like being the game that gets more into the tactical aspect, wheres Dota Underlords is more strategic. But in order to do so, I want Riot to fix a lot of user interface issues among other things. I hope they do.
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