Three easy-to-implement ideas that would greatly increase user friendliness

Hey guys :) So I just had these 3 ideas for the league client that - from a technical perspective - would be super easy to code/implement but would greatly enhance the user friendliness. 1. Automated Disenchanting: It would be realy great to have some option/button to automatically disenchant every Champion Shard not needed anymore, since its usually realy annoying to always check back with my Champion collection if I got that particular Champion already on Lvl 6 or 7 and therefore would not need another shard. There should be some Options to choose from though: For example Disenchant every shard above the first two shards of every champion that you have on Lvl 5 or below. Disenchant every Shard above the first one on champions that you got on Lvl 6 already and disenchant every single Champion Shard on every Champion that you already have on Lvl 7. This would save a lot of time and could be done with just a few lines of code. 2. Summoner Icons Search Tool / favorites Since nowadays most players own dozens some even hundreds of summoner icons its usually pretty hard to search for a specific one to choose. I usually tend to switch up my summoner Icon very often and im usually searching for the one I had in mind for a long long time until I finally find it. It could be super usefull if there would be an easy search option where you could filter your icons with keywords for events/Champions/Themes etc. (For example: Poro, Star Guardian, Urgot, Lunar Revel etc.). Also it could be realy usefull to be able to choose several favorite summoner icons that would always be displayed on the top since a lot of players tend to use the same few icons over and over again. Again: Super easy to code and super usefull. 3. Filtering the Store for BE The Blue essence Store returned and I immediately wanted to buy a lot of chromas. But I had to scroll a long long time to find all the chromas that are available for Blue essence and Im actually not sure if I have found every single one or maybe have overseen some. It would be realy great to have an option to only show those that you can buy with blue essence and filter out all of the other chromas (Summoner Icons, Emotes, Wards etc.....) What do you guys think? I think those changes would be super easy to implement and yet super usefull for most players. Sorry for my bad english greetings Nicole
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