[Skin Concept] Mecha Hecarim

I LOVE hecarim and mecha skins, so I thought "why not both?" and here we are. Mecha Hecarim. You all know how mecha skins transform right? {{champion:266}} is a plane/rocket, {{champion:54}} is a drill, {{champion:121}} evolves (ok he's not very transforming type but i'll let it slip), {{champion:107}} is a racecar/batmobile and {{champion:14}} is a train. {{champion:120}} would be a helicopter ... a HECACOPTER :D Our robotic centaur (I'm no artist so sorry no concept art :P) would have a rotorblade instead of his halberd. His Q would be a rotorblade spin. W would look like the dust ring while helicopters land and while he heals from it it would look like a bit of dust coming back to him. E he would transform into a helicopter and fire flares every time he speeds up (in arcade heca he has these arrows behind him it would be similiar to this but with flares) on impact he would immidiately change to his normal self and while he's transformed his Q looks like a second rotor. R once again Hecacopter but with more Hecacopters with him :D while he backs he would turn into ... surprise surprise a helicopter. Please Riot, if not for me, do it for the memes.
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