Favourite skins of 2019

So , with the season being at it's end, I said ''aight, let's take a break from balance,meta, broken champs etc'' and instead focus on ''league of fashion'' with that, I wanna discuss what are some of your favourite skins released specifically in 2019(if they are revamped skins due to a visual rework in 2019, that also counts). So I encourage you guys to put your thoughts down 5)Blood moon Aatrox. I felt like this skin should actually just be Aatrox's default skin. It fits him so well with the whole, demonic entity and he looks specifically incredible in his ult. My default skin when I play him 4)iG fiora. Similar with Aatrox, this skins fits fiora more than her default. It may be the fact that she is supposed to be this swordswoman and the aesthetic of the iG fits her almost too well. Animations are incredible and specifically the vital procs feel incredibly satisfying. 3)iG Camille. Now yes, I am using 2 of the same skin lines, but let me explain. iG Camille ranks higher due to one simple reason, the wings when you use your E and even when you ult. It just looks so cool when you literally fly at your enemy and stun them and proceed to fly again and trap them with you. Plus the skin feels incredibly smooth which earns bonus points. 2)High noon Ashe. I may not necessarily play the champion, but I cannot deny this is easily one of the best skins of 2019. I was convinced from just the splashart itself that the skin was gonna be good but then the animations of the abilities look really cool and even the voicelines fit her really well. Plus the corn chip emote also puts in bonus points for me And for my personal favourite skin of 2019 1)True damage Ekko. Maybe I am biased, just maybe, but hear me out. First of I think as a splashart it feels Ekko's thematic perfectly by being the underground kid producing music, you could literally see Ekko doing that. Alongside that the effects of the passive and ult just pop in your face and are just fantastic to look at. But what takes the number 1 for me is the fact that it changes the default music and the fact that the music changes with you using abilities. That for me is one of the most interactive skins for a legendary. I will say, I do wish you could put up the hood, similar to say headhunter rengar, but beggers can't be choosers. So, what are your favourite skins of 2019? Let me just say, it doesn't have to be just 5, it can be more or less. Depends how you feel{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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