One free dodge per person, per day?

Hi, So I recently got a 2-week ban for feeding because someone held my position hostage in champion select. I didn't want to dodge because I didn't want to wait 5 minutes. I sent a ticket to player support discussing my ban, and during the conversation asked if it'd be possible to have free dodges? They said they can't propose the idea but to suggest it here, which i'm doing. I feel like one free dodge per day, per player, would strike a balance between trolls dodging at the last second (and wasting time) and the usefulness it may bring (i.e. champ select hostage takers). Most of us are probably casual players who likely play only a few games per day. So one free dodge may not even be used on most days, but would give us an opportunity to dodge and not waste our own time in the event of a troll/feeder etc. I think it may also discourage trolls in champ select as well, because with more people willing to dodge in legitimate situations, it would likely make the time it takes for them to find a game without anyone dodging much, much longer. I feel like the free dodge should not be included for ARAM, however, since it could be seen as one free reroll per day.
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