Asuri - The Crossfire

Asuri was one of Shen's father apprentice but when Zed and his crew attacked, he killed one of them and went undercover, learning both Shen's and Zed's techniques... Passive - Every other auto-attack Asuri swings her blade to all enemies around her and gain a short burst of movement speed Q - Broken Blade - 11/10/9/8/7 Cooldown - 15% Max Energy (on every cast) Dash to the targeted enemy and apply 1 on-hit effect, you may then reactivate the ability to dash behind you (start at the enemy you dashed to and the destination is based on where you are - like Quinn E) leaving a flower trail behind you that speeds you up when walking on it W - Fallen Spears - 22/20/18/16/14 Cooldown - 50% Max Energy Make spears rain on a certain area at the speed of light (like Miss Fortunes E and comes from the sky) and make all your damage in that area be switched (magic to physic and vise-versa) - gain 3 Energy everytime an enemy is hit in this area either by the ability or by another player/NPC E - Balanced Shuriken (lol) - 16/15/14/13/12 Cooldown - 20% Max Energy Throw a shuriken that silences enemies (1 sec) on the way in and slows them (2 secs) on the way back, taunting them and doubling their movement speed for 1 second R - Crossfire - 80/70/60 Cooldown - -25%/-50%/-75% Max Energy Mark a targeted enemy, you may then reactivate the ability to blink around them to anywhere you want 2/3/4 times (1 second coldown) and autoattacking them once Asuri has an Energy pool of 100 Energy and a Energy Regen of 5/sec, her abilities are AD and I suppose she would be a cool top/jungle/mid

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