Praetorian Galio (based on Praetorian Fiddle Splash) ###Praetorian Galio {{champion:3}} In the splash if you look behind Fiddlesticks and other units like him, you can see a massive colossal sized being, the size of a Transformer (it could be a ship as well, but that's what I thought I saw at first and what inspired this idea). So imagine Galio being like this massive unit deployer. ###Visuals and Sound Idea for Abilities >* His Q: Could be him throwing two energy waves which create a gravity field visual effect. * His W: Could be him like scanning an area around him, and if an enemy is within range have it cast like a target located sound. * His E: Could be him pulling out his wings, and charging forward and them being pulled in again at the end of the duration. * His R: Could be him having units like Fiddlesticks walk up to Galio and teleport inside him, and then him jumping to an area causing a loud Sound Wave effect to occur.

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