Riot should increase the level of being eligible to play ranked because there are literal beginners

Honestly, it's getting a bit too much now, getting new players in gold mmr games! First of all, im not a good player at all, and yeah I never blame my teammates for anything but when there are beginners playing ranked as soon as they hit 30, is really not giving most players a good gaming experience. For example, in one of my games, my mid laner was a beginner, he had an average cs of 3.5. Lost every single game so far solely because of how much he lacks the mindset and knowledge to play ranked(this is just one of my games, there are many others like these). Honestly I believe if riot increases the level to at least 45 or 50, to be eligible to play ranked, it's really gonna help players who are queuing up to win, players who are hardstuck like me, wont be facing off many smurfs nor beginners, thus the chances of players being able to climb with a good gaming experience will be higher and the toxicity in our community might reduce too. Please take this into consideration if any respected riot employee can see this.
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