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Game proposal-League Franchise Simulator(idk) I don’t know if people came up with this before, considering that I have I don’t doubt others have as well. Inspired from the Fifa/Madden series and Gamer career tycoon Start off with like creating your “franchise” and selecting the “region” that you want to compete in. For the sake of fair theories we’ll say it’s equal now, but possible traits for regions can be like “Scouting potential” and “money”. For example we’ll say scouting potential in NA is 2/5 but money is 5/5, that sort of thing. Then we’ll go onto hiring people etc. Each player has a different playstyle of course. Ignoring the specifics (next section), breaking down a role could have the following “sub-roles”. Top-Carry/Tank Jg-Carry/Tank/Supportive?(Ivern and any others you can think of) Mid- Carry/Tank/Supportive Bot-Carry/Utility Support-Shielding/Engage/Utility(your Tahm mains for ex) Into specifics: Stated earlier, each player has a different playstyle. They can be lane dominant(early game aggression) or scaling(late game scaling) etc. This will be their personality. Next we’ll need to hire a coach Coaches adopt specific schemes too, for example “Late game scaling, early game aggression, teamfight, 1-3-1”, etc. Of course, coaches provide an attribute boost (will talk about later) to the players which also fit these schemes, thus benefiting players who build a team around the same playstyle. Onto the attributes. To judge a player properly I believe the following attributes could be used: Tactical intelligence(Positioning, making plans etc) Mechanical skill Consistency(Whether the player can keep up a good form consistently) Leadership Shotcalling Potential Mental strength(Whether a player tilts easily after a loss/bad performance) If we’re going with a complex game, a live topdown view of the “game” may be replayed per game with timeskips. Positioning and kills all dependent on the attributes. Each player I think should also build up synergy with the team over time. When new players are brought in the synergy is set back for the team depending on how many changes were made. Idk this is just a draft I think it’ll be really good if it was a thing
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